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un salary scale

One of the main advantages of working at the UN is its high salary. With the help of this salary, a person covers all his or her expenses and spends the remainder at his discretion. This often attracts young professionals. However, one must clearly understand that there is a certain gradation according to the experience of the work. For this, there is a UN salary scale.

The UN employment process can be divided into three stages. First, you need to register on the organization’s website. After that, through your account, you should send an online application to the UN human resources department. It is a standard questionnaire in which the specialist must indicate the desired vacancy and answer reliably to all questions. It is important to use accurate information in the application, especially about contact details.

un salary scale

You can fill out the questionnaire in any of the two official languages ​​of the UN, that is, in Russian, English or French. Nevertheless, just English is welcome. If the personnel department likes the application, then the specialist will be invited to an interview. It can be personal or interactive. The UN always goes to meet its employees. If the candidate does not have the opportunity to once again fly to another country for an interview, then he will be offered an online interview. This decision often suits both parties. But it’s important to understand that an online interview is often shorter than a personal interview. So the candidate is advised to draw up an approximate narrative plan in advance, answer questions specifically and succinctly, act confidently in front of the camera, and not disappear from the frame.

After the work is received, a person must continue to work in his specialty and grow up the career ladder. Indeed, the higher the category of employees, the higher the salary. Salaries of UN employees are established by the State Assembly and is divided into 5 categories:

  • P1 – $ 70535 – 85115;
  • P2 – $ 86,910 – 95,980;
  • P3 – $ 99545 ​​- 110715;
  • P4 – $ 115985 – 130425;
  • P5 – $ 135,691 – 145,959;
  • D1 – $ 150,610 – 165603;
  • D2 – $ 170113 – 190975.

The highest salaries are received by the heads of the commissions and the chairmen of the committees. Their salary reaches $ 200 thousand net. These are approximate salary amounts, it all depends on your skills. In addition to the high salary, high-ranking professionals are provided with a whole package of benefits, which includes:

  • free education for children at the most prestigious school;
  • two paid holidays per year;
  • international flights for foreigners – at the expense of the employer;
  • compensation for unused vacation.

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