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united nations careers

Uunited Nations careers are not limited to a narrow range of activities and communication. Specialists constantly interact with all other UN departments, with the governments of different countries, with public and civil organizations, with the media. Each employee has an important and interesting task to which he must devote a certain segment of his life.

Thanks to work at the UN, specialists will learn more about the world around them, about the culture of other nations, about equality and injustice, which must be constantly fought. Many management employees go on business trips to different countries. Therefore, work at the UN is also liked by those who like to travel for the benefit of the outside world.

There are a few things you need to do to get United Nations careers. To take part in the selection competition for a job or internship, you should write a letter to the UN email address. It should contain a standard candidate questionnaire, which will be perceived as a thesis summary. It will also not be amiss to attach motivation and recommendation letters to the questionnaire. If they are correctly composed and written by people who are respected by the UN, then they will be of direct benefit. Just recommendations from work colleagues will not be considered.

United Nations careers

Candidate action algorithm

Uunited Nations careers. If the applicant for the internship or job received an answer, then this will be evidence of approval of his candidacy. However, in this case, we are only talking about the transition to the second stage of selection – an interview. Before the interview, the candidate must send a package of documents to the UN Office. This should include copies of identification documents, a certificate of good health, medical insurance, and 4 photographs.

Candidates are accepted on time, which was indicated in the response letter. It is forbidden to be late for an interview, as well as to reschedule it. Although for the second case, good reasons may be suitable as an exception, which must be proved promptly (for example, pregnancy).

During the interview, the commission decides on a job, an internship, or refusal. If the candidate has successfully passed the interview, but at the moment there are suitable open vacancies, he will be asked to wait until UN representatives contact him. It is important to understand that a candidate may be offered a position in a remote regional branch. In any case, the final decision rests with the specialist.

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