Some of the Best Law Firms In Miami

If you live in Miami, you might find that you need to hire an attorney. When life throws those situations at us that require a fantastic law firm, no doubt we want to know which law firms these are. In this article, we will list some great law firms found in Miami.

The first firm we will talk about is Akerman LLP. They are found in many areas, Miami being one of them. With 33 practice areas, and being one of the top 100 ranked firms in the US, this could be a fantastic choice for someone looking to hire an attorney.

Another firm in Miami is Beloff & Schwartz PLC, practicing in the metro area. Other firms to look into are Camp & Schuster LLC, and DLD Lawyers.

One lawyer who has been practicing in Miami for some time is Alison C. Weinger, P.A. She has been recognized as one of 2015’s best lawyers, and is surely worth consideration for someone looking for an attorney in Miami.

So no matter what your needs are in a lawyer, representation from one of the best attorneys Miami (Criminal lawyer Miami) has to offer is possible. Good luck in your case!

Efficient and Comprehensive Logistics Software

When you break down a business to its most basic parts and analyze each one, you will find that each piece depends upon one or multiple aspects of the company to operate efficiently and effectively. For the business to be successful, complete and seamless coordination of each individual aspect is imperative. Logistics, by definition, is the detailed coordination of the workforce, facilities and the supplies of a business. Gone are the times of management tracking of the complicated logistics by pen and paper, phone calls and long weekly meetings. Today, in a world where technology is king, everything in a successful business can happen almost instantly. Wasted time usually equals wasted money, and the main point of being in business is to make money. When it comes time for those in charge of logistics for a company to make a decision, there are some important research points and considerations to take into account when looking to optimize their business. From specific tools to comprehensive logistics software solutions, the biggest concern should be would it help increase the profits of the business.

Assess True Needs

Before beginning to look at how to improve the workforce logistics of the firm, first take an analysis of the budget you have available and identify areas you feel that are lacking or running inefficiently. Jumping right into the search of the options available, it may be easy to get caught up in all the wonderful features and flashy extras that are available, but knowing what you need and knowing exactly how much you are willing to spend is key. Once the search begins, it will be very useful to have a list of must-have features and even a few nice-to-have features (depending upon pricing) but that way you can go right down your list, helping you from wasting time on options that do not fit your needs. Think critically about all aspects of your logistics from workforce scheduling, travel, accommodations, transportation, appointment scheduling, performance analysis and more, and then prioritize in order of importance. Engage with your employees because they are the ones impacted directly and they know what works, what doesn’t and what can be more helpful for them. Their knowledge and experiences are invaluable when it comes to improving your workforce logistics. Once all the internal research and reflection has been done, it will be easy to identify places of inefficiency and potential sources of saving. While the cost of improving your logistics may be on the expense side of your balance sheet, ultimately it is an investment in your business. Do the research and find what you really need to improve upon and make the smart investment.

Easy and Intuitive

When researching available solutions, never overlook the aspect of being easy to incorporate and implement. When you deploy new logistic software, functionality should be a premium feature. Efficiency and a user-friendly system that allows employees to navigate and operate it will not only increase satisfaction performance but also will translate to more consistent data and ultimately a more efficient business. Requesting a demo model of the product before purchasing and integrating is a crucial step. Seeing firsthand how intuitive and easily deployable the software is should be a big factor in your decision process. Time is money and if you have to take weeks to learn the system before you can begin training your employees to do the same then you have lost time and ultimately money.

Can it be Configured to Fit

So you’ve begun to narrow down potential options for an upgrade to your workforce logistic software. You have found a few solutions that meet your budget, fit most, or all of your must-have features, and the demo models were easy and intuitive to understand and operate. Great! Now, the next important step is finding out just how closely it can fit the actual operation of your business. No two businesses are the same, even exact competitors differ greatly from one another and finding a logistics software solution that can be tailored and configured to fit your exact operations is key. Some important questions to ask the software vendor are: Can it fit with your processes and the operation of your business specifically? Can it be integrated with other systems easily (if it only offers most of your must-have features)? How easily can it be adapted to incorporate scale and growth with the success of your business? Investing in improving your workforce logistics software takes time, money and effort put forth by everyone in your company, so it is essential that these questions be addressed and answered. One of the biggest concerns is how well does the software function when a company’s needs changes, growth happens and processes change to meet new needs and growth. Sure you may find the perfect solution, but it is only suitable for small-scale businesses, 100 people let’s say, what happens if your company is expanding and grows rapidly to 1,000 people? While no one can predict with certainty how things will turn out, picking a software vendor that can explain the answers to these questions is a good start to feeling comfortable about this investment. It is easy to lose track and begin trying to fit the business to the software instead of finding the software to fit the business.

Support and Service, not just Software

Another important aspect to consider when weighing the pros and cons of all the solutions available for your workforce logistics is what kind of support team and customer service will you be getting as well. Having a comprehensive and supportive customer service team guide you through the integration and implementation of your new software is a must. There would be nothing more frustrating than not receiving the help that you need during the time you need it most when making the switch. Great software has an even better team that stand behind their product and will help you make the adjustments and necessary configurations to not only fit your business processes but enhance them as well. Down the road, it is just as important to know that the company behind the software will help you in times of technical difficulties as well. The product is only as good as the company that stands behind it. Look for a company that will stand behind their product and do their very best to ensure that your use of it is the best it can be.

Here are some of the top features that the best workforce logistic software companies provide for their clients and maybe some things that you should consider adding to your list of must-haves.

Employee Information– if your company deals with sending employees around the state, country or the world, having an accurate and organized logistics system to keep all the necessary aspects straight is a must.

  • Employee management
  • Benefit management- PTO, vacation, bonuses, quotas, and so on.
  • Healthcare
  • Skills tracking
    • It is important to track each employee’s hard skills that they possess at the time of hiring and also the ones that they gain during employment. This allows easy consideration when looking to promote from within the company. Keeping track of certifications or degrees that employees earn to advance their skills and knowledge for their position is crucial.
    • While hard skills that are required for employees of successful companies are ever changing, examples of soft skills that remain constant over time are time management, problem-solving, fitting into the company’s culture, voicing opinions, accepting of feedback, flexibility, persuasion, creativity, and able to take the initiative. Soft skills focus on how you communicate and interact and hard skills more about what you are communicating.
  • Work history
  • Performance tracking
  • Traveler Profiles for your employees to ensure that all documents and forms are filled out and error-free to avoid any potential travel issues.

Workforce Scheduling– being able to schedule employees efficiently, intelligently and quickly is essential when managing any size of business.

  • Shift scheduling, time and attendance
  • Planning and forecasting that allows for long-term plans
  • Requirements and policies ensure that all required personnel regarding expertise, skills, and management for each unit is met. This takes the guesswork and room for any possible miscues when it comes to scheduling.
  • Budgeting feature that allows you to track how much is being spent on your workforce. Define wages and terms to help plan and forecast your budget.


Accounting and Finances– a highly detailed and controlled accounting feature is the best way to keep track of expenses.

  • Budgeting feature that allows you to track how much is being spent on your workforce. Define wages and terms to help plan and forecast your budget.
  • Features that allow the proper automatic allocation of expenses to appropriate business units and accounts set by predetermined rules.
  • Invoice reconciliation is a very important feature to have in order to keep track of payments, identify any discrepancies and find any potential ways to save money.

All these great features aside, the biggest challenge to the logistics management of any business is time. Whether it is a fact that there are not enough hours in the day to execute all the necessary operations, missed appointments or forgetting engagements. Time seems to be an issue that all businesses seem to wrestle with, but with efficient scheduling software, a lot of the headaches and missed opportunities can be avoided. From workforce management to resourcing and contracting, to delivery and receiving appointments, and client/customer appointments there is an utmost need for good online scheduling software that will improve your time management system. Here are some key features to look for when deciding on scheduling software.

  • Effective methods for reducing no-shows that kill your productivity and revenue projecting. Email and text reminders help keep appointments on track.
  • Network for all employees to have access and personal schedule management.
    • Make, change or cancel appointments
    • Add new customers
    • Add notes to customer’s file to document appointments and to remember key information
    • Create a waiting list
    • Find and fill open time slots with new clients
  • Ability to be notified when an appointment is booked, changed or canceled.
  • Integrated payment processing.
  • Track product and service history.
  • Seamless integration with existing software systems such as ADP, Outlook, Google, Infusion, and e-MDs.
  • Ability to set recurring appointments- this is particularly useful from a client’s perspective when they are able to set an appointment and know that it will automatically be scheduled each time.
  • Point of Sales feature that allows businesses to process transactions, track inventory, and the ability to analyze sales data for budgeting and forecasting,
  • Social media and website integration- allow clients to access to scheduling appointments via Facebook, website, Twitter, or other social media platforms allowing your business to connect on a more personal level.
  • Analytics reporting that allows businesses to track how effective their appointment scheduling is making their operations on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

While some workforce logistic software systems provide a built-in scheduling tool, some businesses view that the best way to effectively and efficiently manage all their scheduling needs is to trust an online service provider. So instead of trying to find an all-inclusive software package that does all things mediocre, try finding software that can be integrated with each other that does different aspects to perfection is the way to go. AppointmentPlus is one of the best online scheduling software companies in the industry with a proven track record of success for their clients. From small businesses to some of the largest enterprises in the country like Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Proctor & Gamble, Nike, Coors, Pepsi, and Comcast, AppointmentPlus provides consistent, reliable and efficient schedule management. Depending on your business’ needs and size, AppointmentPlus offers four packages, each with filled with features that will optimize your scheduling and increase the overall efficiency of your business. Using AppointmentPlus will help you and your business keep better track of time and run an even more efficient business. To request a free demo, visit

Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Trip to Grand Canyon National Park

To date, the Grand Canyon is one of the United States’ greatest natural wonders. Families from around the world fly to the US just so they can experience the magnificence and extreme beauty of this destination. If you are planning a road trip soon to the Grand Canyon, you must know these essentials so you can have a memorable and fun time during your vacation.

  • Pick the side you want to see

The North Rim has the most awe-inspiring viewpoints of the canyon. It is the best place for people who simply want to stare into the horizon and just soak in all the beauty of this place. However, if you wish to participate in outdoor activities, the South Rim is the perfect side for you. There are more hotels at this side of the national park. In addition, the South Rim is home to Havasu Falls, one of the many falls considered to be the most gorgeous in the country.

  • Success is through preparation

If you don’t book your hotel room or slot at the campground before you head out to the Grand Canyon, you will most likely spend a hefty amount of money checking in at hotels along the outskirts of the property. If you want to save up, and simply get to experience how it’s like to camp out inside the Grand Canyon, secure your hotel room or slot at the campsite a few weeks before your trip.

  • The transportation should be decided on beforehand

A lot of people think that road trip to the Grand Canyon is easy and economical, when in fact this is far more expensive option. If you want to visit the Grand Canyon, take the bus instead. There are companies that offer transportation services to and from the canyon. These public transport buses can be found in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Flagstaff. If you are interested in taking a trip to Havasu Falls, make sure to ride public transportation originating from Flagstaff as this route takes you directly to the trailhead of Havasupai Indian Reservation.

Want to know Grand Canyon Facts? Visit .

3 Ecofriendly Cat Litter Products For Pet Owners

The top 3 ecofriendly cat litter products are not that hard to find if you know where to look. Shopping online or in local stores are good ways to get what you need. Shop around after you check out this advice on this matter.

1. Wood shavings are a good option. You can find these at pet stores because companies do make this kind of litter for cats. Just know what you are buying and make sure that it’s not anything that wasn’t made for a cat because some wood shavings are from trees that may not be good for your pet to be around.

2. Litter made with wheat crops in it can be a fantastic addition to your home. There are natural enzymes in wheat that make it kill off odors and it’s a renewable resource. You can find different options but you should go for the litter that is known to be organic and free of genetically modified crops just to be safe.

3. Finally, you can make litter out of a number of things in your home. Do you have some dirt from your yard that isn’t full of chemicals or anything that could hurt your cat? An outdoor cat would enjoy using a mound of dirt for their bathroom, but you have to make sure you clean it. Sawdust from a project can help too, but keep in mind that some options are not as good as others at keeping smells out of your home so it takes some testing.

Being an ecofriendly pet owner is not that hard these days. Just know where to order good clumping cat litter products and make sure that they are actually good for the environment and not just products that have good marketing that make them sound good.

Top 3 Fitness Tips to Speed Up Weight Loss

The implementation of a solid and regular exercise routine helps in speeding up weight loss. Although nutrition plays a larger role in weight loss, exercise is also considered important to keep the body in perfect, lean shape as you shed those unwanted pounds.

Here are fitness turbochargers that will help you realize your dreams of a slimmer and leaner physique!

  • Run to the gym

If you are set to exercise in the morning, you can start burning calories on your way to the gym. Instead of taking your car, why not set on foot and run instead? If your fitness center is a good 10 to 15-minute walk from your place, it is recommended to kickstart your morning with a jog or a run. Running will not only warm up your body for more rigorous training at the gym, but it will also help you in burning an extra 300 calories! You can lose up 9 pounds in 12 months by making running to your gym a daily habit.

  • Sprint training

To speed up weight loss, you need to further increase your speed when doing cardio. Go all-out sprints for one full minute followed by 2 minutes worth of rest through walking. By including sprint training as part of your exercise routine at least twice a week, you are bound to lose 2 pounds in 12 months.

  • Run outdoors

Running outdoors has been proven to cause more rapid weight loss than doing cardio on a treadmill indoors. Running outdoors burn 10% more calories than when running on a treadmill. If you walk at least 60 minutes, five times weekly you are bound to lose 2 pounds in 12 months (and keep a healthy hair using Apex Hair Vitality while you’re losing weight).

Here’s How to Choose a Tow Trucking Service in Phoenix

Motorists will experience mechanical breakdown and accidents at some point in time. And when these unfortunate incidents develop, a tow trucking service is of utmost priority. But don’t just call the first tow truck company near you! It’s always best to be prepared in unfortunate situations. If you are a vehicle owner, it then becomes imperative to do your homework.

There are many benefits to obtaining professional tow trucking service in Phoenix. Here are some of them:

  • Affordable tow trucking services

There are many unregistered tow truck companies in Phoenix that charge high rates to clients (you can search online for towing service near you using keywords “towing near me“). Some fly-by-night companies will be unclear of the rates when they are asked for quotes by potential clients only to surprise them later with unreasonable rates. A professional and licensed tow trucking company will have a set menu of services and fixed prices for all the services they offer.

An accurate quote is strong indication that you are dealing with a legit tow trucking service company.  Unregistered companies will always lure you with a cheap initial quote only to charge you more once they’re done delivering the service to clients.

  • No hard selling

This is one major feature of legal tow trucking companies in Phoenix. A company should not be too hard on selling their services to prospective clients. It’s a red flag if the company forces you to agree on a deal without having them explain all the terms and conditions for their service.

  • Other motor-related services

A reliable towing service has the ability and manpower to offer other services to clients. It most cases, towing is not the only service that a potential client requires whenever they call of help. Some basic services that a towing service should offer is help to jump start a vehicle, or provide tire repair services among many others.

Here are Tips for Organizing Storage Units

Once you have finally discovered a storage facility that meets both your needs and budget, the next step is mapping out how to move and organize your valuables in your chosen storage unit/storage units.

Here are some quick tips that you should follow in order for you to neatly arrange your storage unit!

  • Clean your chosen storage unit. Delray Storage companies may not necessarily clean the unit according to your liking. It is then important for you to clean it up. This is especially true if you are storing artwork, documents, and articles of clothing for a long period of time.
  • if you are going to store furniture and appliances in the unit, it may best for you to add a few sheets of plastic or paper on the floor for extra protection. You may also have to cover furniture or have them wrapped to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt over time.
  • Install the biggest and bulkiest items first. It’s easier to organize things if you have bigger items loaded first so it becomes easy to place smaller items in available spaces.
  • If you stored items in boxes, make sure that the heaviest and sturdiest boxes are at the bottom. They will serve as strong base for little boxes.
  • Make sure to leave enough space to walk on in the case that you need to retrieve items from your unit.
  • The items that you feel will be accessed more frequently should be placed at the entrance of the unit. In this way, you save time.
  • Label all your boxes or containers so it’s easier to access items.
  • Make a mental note of the layout of items in your unit. Although you may have labeled most of them, it’s always best to make sure you have everything listed on paper. This will result in better inventory during visits.

Here are Pointers when Looking for the Right Real Estate Agency for Buyers, Sellers, and Investors

Finding the best luxury real estate agency Miami will highly depend on your needs. There are real estate agents that specialize in selling high-end condos and homes, whilst there are those who focus their attention in helping clients to sell their properties. Whatever your need may be, here are pointers that will help you find one that perfectly suits your situation!

  • For Luxury Real Estate Buyers in Miami

It is of utmost importance that your agent understands your taste in real estate properties. If you live in LA or overseas, but would like to buy a Miami Beach real estate or a high-end condo in Miami, your agent should have a well-curated list of properties in the city before you actually visit for inspection. Real estate agents should prepare beforehand, and should have the initiative to prepare the things you need even before you ask for them.

  • For Luxury Real Estate Sellers in Miami

Luxury real estate agents will be preparing to present materials that showcase your luxury home or condo. Luxury real estate agencies in Miami most often gave their own set of marketing teams, tools, and strategies when selling homes. Make sure that an agency or real estate professional is familiar with your neighborhood and knows how to present it in a way that is specific to the taste and preferences of potential buyers. Although your main target audience is people coming from the upper class, selling is still a tricky and complicated process.

Whether you are a seller or buyer, look for an agent with strong sales track record, one that has made a mark in the real estate market in Miami (including Condos in Miami). A great real estate agent also features the ability to smartly screen potential buyers, and keeping information of clients private and safe at all times.

Let’s Talk About The Most Common Arizona Mortgage Types

When you are looking to purchase a house of your own you need to consider a few things. You may be eligible to get approved of a home loan in Arizona given an impressive household income (yes, there’s a few things to be considered before getting arizona home loans), but in order to secure a roof under your heads for many years to come, it is important to understand all aspects of a home loan.

A fat paycheck will not guarantee that you can keep your home until it matures. Yes, you may have the ability to pay the monthly mortgage payments, but you also have to consider the upfront costs attached to closing a mortgage deal.

Make sure you have enough cash in your savings bank to pay the down payment upfront. A percentage of the total amount of a home will need to paid off before closing. Down payment will be dependent on the agreement you have made with your bank or mortgage agency. There are banks that require homeowners to pay at least 15% of the total loan amount as down payment.

Homeowners are also given the option of paying more than the average 15% to make the monthly payments more affordable. In essence, the bigger your down payment is, the more affordable your monthly payment becomes.

The most common types of mortgage in Arizona

  • 30-year fixed mortgage

In this type of home loan, the monthly payments need to be paid within a period of 30 years. The principal and the interest rates are added and then divided over 3 decades to come up with monthly payment amount. Additional charges such as processing fees and insurance may be added to these variables. Late fees are usually assessed on accounts. It is imperative to make payments on time to reduce the risk of defaulting on your payments.

  • 15-year fixed mortgage

The interest rate is known to be lower if you opt to make payments over a period of 15 years. This is comparatively shorter than the traditional 30-year fixed rate home loan, but the monthly payments are doubled. One great benefit to opting for a 15-year mortgage is that even though you are paying more, the interest rates go down faster through the years. As a result, the monthly mortgage payments become more affordable for homeowners over time.

Drunk Driving Accident- The Things to Do When Filing a Personal Injury Claim

One of the most common form of auto-related accident as a result of negligence by a third party is drunk driving or driving under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances. When you are a victim of such an accident, you need to file a personal injury claim for just compensation to you and the damages done to your personal property (better get the best personal injury lawyer).

  • Take photos

Visual evidence in the form of photos is one of the strongest evidence that you can bring with you to court. If you are able or have sustained minor injuries, you should at least take a few snaps of the accident, your injuries, and the damages that your personal property have sustained. If you are able to record a video of the scene of accident immediately after, this is recommended as well.

  • Proof that the third party is under the influence of alcohol or drugs

As a drunk driving incident is considered a serious offense, it may be a good idea to have the authorities assess your situation and determine which party was under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Make sure to double check or verify that the report of the police officers is accurate to the accident to make sure that you are not implicated as the responsible or negligent party.

  • Obtain the services of a personal injury lawyer

In the case of a road-traffic accident involving an intoxicated third party, victims should seek representation from a legal professional focusing on personal injury law. Personal injury lawyers have years of expertise in defending the case of victims and negotiating acceptable compensation on the behalf of victims. He will be facilitating all communications between involved parties and make sure you have a strong case once your personal injury claim is filed in court.